If your dream is to open a successful bagel store, then you can’t afford not to review our concept.

I have spent a lifetime managing large systems in the Pulp and Paper industry, as a Power Engineer, Resident Manager and as a Vice President, with a degree in business management.  We have spent twenty-five years originating and building successful bagel/retail and wholesale operations, while competing with the large bagel franchises.  You too can chart the same course.  Move from where you are to where you want to be in the fastest most cost efficient way.

Someone once said, “time is money” and it is true that the more time you spend learning the tricks of the trade (the school of hard knocks) the higher your cost.

Don G. Kosterow
Sunrise Bagels Vancouver, Inc.


Sunrise’s store concept leads you through the minefield of pre-store start-up problems.  Our support includes:

  • Business plan development
  • Site selection/lease negotiation
  • Store design
  • Contractor selection
  • Equipment selection
  • Hiring techniques
  • Training

Sunrise has one objective and that is to help you achieve a successful business.  All of the above creates the cornerstone for this to happen.  Now you and your staff will learn the techniques that establishes a Sunrise store as the bagel store of choice.

  • In-store/classroom training
  • Training manuals (approximately 250 pages)
  • Recipe manuals
  • Training and retaining competent employees
  • Managing food costs


The following costs vary, depending on your store design, whether the store is a deli/coffee shop or a stand-alone store with the capability to manufacture all your own products.  The following data is representative of costs you may expect, however, a closer study should be done prior to your investment.

Sunrise Deli/Coffee Shop

Franchise Fee                                                   $  21,000

Opening Inventory                                                5,000

Leasehold Improvements                                   75,000 (landlord will share depending on lease term)

Equipment/Furniture                                           80,000

Insurance                                                             6,000

Miscellaneous                                                      4,000

Signs                                                                   6,000_

TOTAL         $197,000


Sunrise Stand-Alone Bakery & Retail Deli

Franchise Fee                                                   $ 21,000  *

Opening Inventory                                                8,000

Leasehold Improvements                                     85,000

Equipment/Furniture                                          120,000

Insurance                                                              6,500

Miscellaneous                                                       5,000

Signs                                                                __6,000__

TOTAL         $251,500

*  Plus 4% gross sales for 4 years and 1% for life


The first and most important reality is do I have the capital to start a bagel retail or retail/wholesale operation. (Note Cost Menu)

A Sunrise Bagel concept offers developers a business recipe to create a niche gourmet bagel business with a proven formula for success.  The ability to climb the power curve faster, at lower costs, with long-term growth, growth and success that will create greater profits.  If you are going to invest the time and money for a new business career, then why not invest in the best possible bagel concept…the one that works.  I would be pleased to discuss how you can visit one of our locations or just talk about your bagel dream.

You can contact me at:

Don G. Kosterow
Sunrise Bagels Vancouver, Inc.
808 Harney Street (Physical Address)
PO Box 61649      (Mailing Address)
Vancouver, WA 98666

Phone              360-567-0567
Fax                  360-750-6739- private